Review: Flow, Bristol




Finding an intimate, atmospheric restaurant in central Bristol can be a challenge. Yet nestled in Haymarket Walk, between the Bearpit and the bus station, is Flow – a little gem in the oddest of places.

Two disclaimers here:

  1. Alex, the owner of Flow, is a buddy of ours, but hopefully it’s obvious by now that we only pick places we genuinely love for our SP Favourites, and if anything Flow is notable by its absence at this point, given how much we’ve eaten there and raved about it.
  2. Flow doesn’t serve meat; and whilst this may have some of you breaking out in a cold sweat – I give you a solid gold guarantee that you will not notice the absence. Flow doesn’t push itself as a ‘Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant’, instead it’s a great cosy neighbourhood restaurant which happens not to sell meat.

So now we’ve got past the admin, let’s talk about the food!

IMG-20160613-WA0001We’ve been in for brunch, dinner and just drinks with snacks at Flow on numerous occasions, and every time it’s delivered on taste and appearance.

Whilst the menu is in constant flux to stay seasonal, recent favourites include their spicy buffalo broccoli fritters with  vegan ranch dressing (oooooof), a burnt garlic, pinto beans, rainbow chard & feta salad (unnnf) and their ever-changing selection of tartines – toasted slices of baguette with toppings such smashed pea, feta and chilli, or marsala carrot & cashew spread with preserved lemon, sultanas & toasted almonds (ahhhhh).


The menu is split into snacks, small plates and the aforementioned tartines, so you can order a nice mix of dishes for the table (on a recent visit for Lia’s hen do we pretty much ordered the entire menu. Between four).

At least half of the menu is vegan, so it’s a great stop for any of you dairy dodgers out there.

If you have room for dessert (I rarely do, such is the level of my gluttony for those broccoli fritters), there’s a small selection of desserts, including ice cream, a top notch cheeseboard and one of the moistest (sorry) chocolate cakes you’re likely to find in town.


Oh oh, and I haven’t even touched on probably the hidden treasure at Flow – the cocktails. My word.

When you go into the restaurant you’ll see a shelf of big jars and bottles above the door, full of weird and wonderful concoctions that Alex and the team are preparing for later in the year. They recently did a batch of rhubarb vodka which then went in to Rhubarb Sours (in the top 3 cocktails I’ve ever had – one of my friends said it “tasted like fairies”, make of that what you will).

The cocktail list is always short and sweet, but well worth a go. Trust me.

A bramble – one of the less potent cocktail choices.

Hopefully we’ve given you enough reasons to give Flow a go – because whether you’re veggie or not, on a romantic date or out with mates, this place delivers. Well done, Team Flow!

9A, Haymarket Walk, Bristol, BS1




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