What does a Gift post mean?

We’re glad you asked!

A few of the review posts on here will be the result of us greedy ladies being invited to a bar or restaurant to try out the menu and enjoy a partly or wholly complimentary meal (we’ll let you know which in our disclaimer in each post). In exchange we’re asked to provide feedback and a review.

The reason this is not an advert is that the companies in question don’t get any say over what we write, and don’t see a copy of the review before it is posted, so what you see is our opinion, and our opinion only.

We’ll always be constructive with criticism, but we think it’s important to set expectations correctly for our readers (this is your hard-earned money you’re looking to spend after all) and let you know what was great and what could be improved. That said, hospitality is a bastard of an industry to work in, so we won’t tear anyone a new one either, because maybe the chef made a simple mistake (how many times have you signed off an email to your boss with kisses?) or someone called in sick, or your waiter was having a crappy day. It happens. And it’s important to mention shortfalls, but see them in context.

Some blogs do ads, and that’s fine (as long as they make the distinction), and some do sponsored posts, which are a mix of the two – with content agreed by both parties. This article might help explain it better.

You don’t have to agree with what we write, food is a subjective thing – that’s what makes it so special! One man’s peanut butter & Sriracha on toast is another’s abomination (fyi, it’s an awesome combo, try it yourself). We’re just here to share some of our favourites (those are never gifted reviews) and keep you posted with what’s new and exciting out there.

Back to the eating!

Shonette (on behalf of Team SaucyPans)