Review: Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, Barry

I waited an incredible amount of time to eat here. I mean, I booked a table in advance and all but I never had the chance to try Hang fire’s BBQ meat when they were a pop up place.

The time had finally come and oh boy, I think I will get emotional when I recount my tale…

Months ago they finally opened a permanent place in the beautiful Barry which most people from outside of Wales will know as “the place where Gavin & Stacey takes place”.

The Southern kitchen is housed in a generously spaced brick building, aka the pump house and offers convenient parking and excellent beer.

Warm welcome all round when we finally entered the place. The menu is fairly simple: a long list of much meat and creole cuisine.

I just *had to* order starters. I knew it’d be a mistake filling up so early but it was worth it. Fried pickles (frickles) and baby back ribs were served quickly.

I was getting seriously attached to my ribs at that point. Falling off the bone, the meat was flakey and so flavoursome I didn’t even grab their homemade sauces of which there are three, two BBQ ones and one mustardy/ pickley kinda one. All three excellent.

I shared the Big Pit Plate with my friend and I was audibly gasping at the array of food which consisted of:

  • Louisiana ribs
  • Pulled pork
  • Brisket
  • Hotlink sausages
  • Smoked chicken wings
  • Texas toast (the best garlic bread you’ll eat)
  • Pickles
  • Seasoned chips
  • Cornbread
  • Coleslaw
  • BBQ beans

I’m feeling full just recounting this.

Every single one of these meats were outstanding. The chips were so good I couldn’t even skip them to make room for more meat but my absolute favourite was definitely the brisket. It’s so insanely good you start getting suspicious about what kind of black magic is going on in the kitchen.

I am full of hyperboles but I can’t put into words how good the food was. I can’t imagine anyone leaving the restaurant a) not satisfied and b) hungry.

I ended up also ordering their key lime pie and while my belly was painfully stretching itself with that massive food baby, my brain couldn’t have left the premises without having tried it. It was refreshingly zingy and not too heavy either!

So in short: Best BBQ outside the US, I’d even rate this higher than the famous Grillstock in Bristol.

You’re seriously missing out if you don’t give this place a try. You are definitely, definitely returning, I sure will.


Hang Fire Southern Kitchen

Twitter: @hangfirebbq

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