Review: Brunch at Chicken Shack, Bristol


I have to say, in all of my worldy brunch adventures , I’ve never eaten fried chicken for breakfast. In fact, I’d go so far to say that it had never even crossed my mind (and I think about brunch and fried chicken a lot respectively).

So it was with considerable glee that I responded to Chicken Shack’s news that they would be doing a brunch menu out of their kitchen at The Love Inn on Stokes Croft, in addition to their popular daytime burger menu.

The brunch menu is an odd mix of Americana classics – a pancake stack, sausage patties with brioche & chips, and then the almighty – chicken and waffles.

‘Buttermilk waffles, buttermilk fried chicken strips, maple syrup & whipped cream’ – it sounded so wrong, so rich, such an odd mix of flavours of textures.

It was an Elvis Presley breakfast, and of course I was going to have to order it.


Lia and I opted for the chicken & waffles and the sort-of bastardised American take on a Full English, with the intention of splitting both between us.

Both dishes arrived within 20mins (we were the only ones there at that time though – loitering outside the front door at exactly 12pm) and were very sizeable portions.

Good points: The chicken strips were excellent – cooked just right with a nice coating, still succulent and oddly tasted great with the waffles & syrup. The waffles were also very good – they tasted fresh, flavoursome and just the right mix of rich and light. Lovely stuff.

We weren’t so keen on the whipped cream addition to the dish, and also agreed that it might be a bit rich for some tastes. Not one for the faint hearted (quite literally – the amount of fat in this has to be off the scale), but overall I enjoyed it.

As for the egg, sausage, brioche & chips, it was a good hearty breakfast, and all the composite parts worked for me (the sausage patty was particularly tasty, and the chips were nicely crunchy & well salted) – I was really pleased that we opted for extra hash browns too; all breakfasts should come with double potato.


This menu is the ultimate in hangover filth – and worth a trip for the portion sizes alone. People will definitely be divided over the chicken & waffles, but the other brunch options are just as good and from what we tried, all of a good quality.

Being in The Love Inn, I wouldn’t say it’s the most ambient of locations for breakfast, but the staff are really nice (so much so that I’ve forgiven them every time I’ve shown up at 12pm to be told that they’re not open yet – current tally stands at 3 times), the booths are comfy and they have a decent booze selection, if you need something sufficiently stirring to wash down your hefty breakfast.

You can usually find Chicken Shack deals on the Wriggle app/website, and if the brunch menu doesn’t sway you, definitely head along for dinner – the burgers are damn fine too (and not a mention of whipped cream or syrup to be seen).

Chicken Shack
The Love Inn
84 Stokes Croft

Disclaimer doodle: We received these breakfasts free of charge but that didn’t affect our opinions or have any impact on what we have written in this review – we are not beholden to Mr & Mrs Chicken Shack, or any of the chicken purveyors of Bristol. Ithankyou.


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