Review: Brød The Danish Bakery, Cardiff

Excuse me if this review seems a bit incoherent. I’m currently in a sugar coma, the most beautiful and delicious of comas.

A couple of days ago, I was informed that a Danish bakery called Brød had opened around the corner from me in Pontcanna.

Naturally, I reacted in a professional manner as usual:

I once spent about a week in Copenhagen where I not only ate their rather famous hot dogs but also sampled some absolutely amazing pastries.

If you asked me to choose between French and Danish pastries, I’d probably end up going mad from indecision.

Luckily I don’t have to choose, so I went the very next day to see what Brød had to offer.

It’s situated in the former off-licence Philip Morgan and Son which was founded in 1929 and closed its doors last year. While sad to see such an establishment go, I’m glad that an independent bakery has taken its place.

Brod Cardiff
Inside Brød.

The bakery is cosy and welcoming. All goods are baked fresh in store with the option to stay in and eat or takeaway.

When I went in at around 2pm, all tables were taken with happy looking people enjoying their afternoon coffee and pastry.

The gentlemen serving me went through all the pastry on offer and I made an informed decision to have essentially one of everything. Girls gotta try it all!

Selection of Danish pastries

I went for a Danish crown (Spandauer) which is a crisp, buttery puff pastry with custard filling and icing and flaked almonds and one version with a jam filling instead of custard.

A cinnamon roll (Snegl) and a chocolate ball (Chokolade Bolle).

My firm favourite was the Danish crown. It was crisp as well as chewy in the most satisfying way and the custard smooth and delicious.

The jam one was top notch too.

Special mention for the chocolate ball which was a bit like a light doughnut with a dollop of rich dark chocolate.

The cinnamon roll was the best I’ve tasted in ages, it has a proper cinnamon sugar paste all the way through it and needless to say, only a few crumbs remained… yes I did eat 2.5 pastries but if you had tasted these, you would’ve done the same!


Is it the best pastry in Cardiff? Definitely. It’s such a refreshing addition to the Pontcanna food scene.

I’m not a huge fan of places that treat you like they’re doing you a favour for selling you things which happens a lot around here.

I’ll be back for their Rom Kugler which I ate a ton of growing up in Germany.

Even if Brød  wasn’t just a few mins away from me, I’d totally make the detour.



126 Wyndham Crescent

CF11 9EG

One thought on “Review: Brød The Danish Bakery, Cardiff

  1. I’m also so delighted for this bakery to pop up near me.
    However, the Portuguese bakery on Clifton St would be still the best one in Cardiff for me.

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