Review: Seafood Shack, Cardiff

Lately, I’ve had a lot of chippy dinners, not sure what it is but I’ve been craving chips, drenched in vinegar and salt with a side of curry sauce and a sausage in batter (or battered sausage for those outside of Wales).

So when it was a kind of rainy day and after a few cocktails beforehand, me and Mart decided to pop into Seafood Shack on a whim. We read quite a few reviews and some claiming they had the best chips in Cardiff so the joint had been on our list for a while.


Source: @SeafoodShackCDF Twitter

It was a Thursday and we were seated straight away. There were a fair few diners but the place was a lot bigger than I expected! Nice warm lighting and a seafoody and boaty theme all the way  through the restaurant. And yes, those are interior design terms 😉

I couldn’t decide between the turbot, bucket of shrimps and scallops so I went for it all with the seafood platter which comes with prawns, scallops, turbot, asparagus, mushy peas, or pea purée if you want to be fancy as well as a creamy chive sauce.

I also ordered a side of frickles, fried pickles for the uninitiated.

The mains came promptly and well, I let the presentation speak for itself –


To keep this short, every single item on this plate was beautifully cooked, I could’ve eaten that plate again after I inhaled it. The fish seemed really fresh and both the prawns and scallops had a lovely flavour.

The frickles were super crisp on the outside and tangy and delicious inside. One of the better frickles I’ve had.

Mart had the scampi and chips and of course I had to steal some. Oh my god!! They weren’t lying when they said the chips are the best in Cardiff! Lovely and crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside and no greasiness anywhere!

The scampi were plentiful too and he also had some fried avocado on the side which he said was indulgently good.

The service lastly was superb, very friendly and informative. They even gave us some Tabasco, we love our hot sauces.

All in all, I’ll definitely be back to have my own portion of chips and highly recommend Seafood Shack as a good place to go if you want a more upmarket chippy dinner or want to celebrate a special occasion. The prices reflect the quality of the fish so even if it’s not an every day type of place, it can be if you order the old faithfuls like cod or haddock.

Now excuse me while I will resist the temptation of ordering a chippy dinner from them through Deliveroo, yes! Their Victorian fish bar delivers!

Seafood Shack

5a High Street
Cardiff, Wales.
CF10 1AW


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