Review: Little Kitchen, Bristol



I love cooking and learning new recipes, but often I’m a bit scared to step outside of my comfort zone and try new techniques or cuisines.

Luckily I discovered Little Kitchen a few years ago, and have now attended a few of their cookery classes, learning how to master Moroccan tagine and make my own preserved lemons, as well as taking part in a looooong class to make macarons (fun, but not worth the hassle in my opinion – if anything it makes you appreciate the craft that bit more)

Recently, the team at Little Kitchen decided to invite a handful of people over to their Brislington kitchen to give us a taste of what classes they currently have on offer.

I’ve been eyeing up their street food courses for ages, so I was pleased to see that the first recipe we’d be tackling was Vietnamese summer rolls. The team helpful have everything prepped for you when you arrive, so need for slicing and measuring out spices!

The instructions were nice and straightforward: gently warm the rice paper until it is nice and pliable, then lay it out, spread a few sliced veg pieces and fragrant herbs, then gently roll and wrap like a little parcel – ta da!


Here are my finished rolls – admittedly about double the size of everyone else’s, but I come from an Irish family, so big portions are to be expected.

The good thing about these is that they’re so healthy and light (although surprisingly filling after even two), so I didn’t feel bad about tucking into them before we’d even started recipe #2.


After the summer rolls we were given a quick lesson in chocolate truffles – fewer pictures exist of this, because handling a phone with chocolate-covered hands is a no-go. But look how pretty they were when I wrapped them up!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because I wrapped them all dainty-like that anyone else but me got to eat them. No siree.


I’ve been a big fan of Little Kitchen for ages, and I look forward to trying more of their lessons in the future – it’s relaxed, friendly and easy to follow, with a good mix of courses. Take a look at their calendar and see if anything takes your fancy.

Little Kitchen

153 Wick Rd
Bristol BS4 4HH

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