Kongs Cardiff

Craft bars have slowly made their way to Cardiff from Bristol and I for one am very happy.

One of the latest bars to do that is Kongs, an 18+ only bar that features among others Pac-man and Streetfighter II arcade games. It’s essentially what you’d stereotypically call a man cave and a cave it certainly is.

Kongs Cardiff

Find it by following the neon sign, down those steps that back in the day led you into a sticky night club.

But Kongs is definitely not that. Dark and rough around the edges, you’ll get the industrial feel certainly, with some cool murials on the wall and the bar set in the middle.

I went for a nice Wild Beer before ordering from their extensive burger menu which includes a lot of veggie options.

Their bar is generously stocked with local breweries represented.

Was I tempted to go for the KFC? That’s Korean fried chicken for the uninitiated. Yes, I was but chose not to. Something about the sticky sauce being topped with peanuts reminded me more of my holiday in Thailand and less of the magic that is Korean fried chicken.

Plus for me, a chicken burger can only come with either BBQ sauce or garlic mayo.

Whats the difference between ‘KFC’ and normal fried chicken you may ask? The way it’s fried and the choice of sticky sweet sauce made with gochujang that it’s covered in. And yet it stays crispy. Don’t ask me, I firmly believe it’s black magic.

Anyway, I opted for the Prarie Girl, southern fried chicken with the choice of blue cheese sauce or BBQ. I went for the BBQ sauce of course and some chips on the side. The choices of buns are also impressive but of course I went for the soft and slight sweetness of brioche. I wish they’d sell potato rolls in the UK, loved them when I tried them in the US.

Now, just take a deep breath and look at this.

Burger theory burger

Yep, it was as good as it looked. Bun to meat ratio was perfect and the chicken crispy and succulent. The bun was REALLY good and that’s one element a lot of burger places fall short on, sometimes I find a high quality and delicious burger only to be sandwiched inbetween crappy supermarket buns that kind of ruins the whole thing.

Chips were ok, I’d probably go for the loaded fries next time, kimchi with my chips? Hell yeah!

Their beef burgers looked appetising but I’m more of a fried chicken person myself, I know, what blasphemy!

Burger Theory’s chicken burger has got to be the best I tried in Cardiff and I’m not often seen hyperbollocking (the act of describing everything as the best) about food.

Afterwards I burnt the calories during a draining round of Pac-man.


Great beers and food, would visit again for sure.

Kongs Cardiff

114-116 St Mary Street




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