Review: Club Haus, Bristol


If ever you wanted to know the true meaning of self discipline, it’s attending a gym that requires you to walk past a veritable feast of cakes, sandwiches and other tempting goodies before you’ve so much as put on your training socks.

Of course, this is a problem particular to me, and the rest of you can enjoy the wares of the wonderful Club Haus without having your personal trainer eyeing up your epic bacon sarnie whilst contemplating how long it’s been since you agreed to a weights session.

The thing I love most about Club Haus is how tranquil it is; whether you opt for a table indoors, or out on their sunny riverside terrace, the place is always pleasingly quiet and civilised – a nice oasis away from the hustle and bustle of St Nicks and the harbourside nearby.

The menu is also nothing to be sniffed at – those aforementioned sandwiches are generously packed and stacked on the bar at lunchtime (alonside frittatas and salads for the more carb-conscious among you), and you can also order off their menu if you’re in the mood for something a bit heavier.

club haus

I tend to pop in mainly for lunch during the week (when I should be at the gym – near enough though eh?), or one of their tasty brunches at the weekend, but they’re also an eveningtime venue, with a fully licensed bar and open until 2am (!) on Fridays and Saturdays.

They’ve played host to a few fun events including the disco brunches organised by Foozie. They also do burger nights and special offers on a regular basis, so keep an eye to their Twitter feed or Wriggle.

I’ve picked Club Haus as a Bristol favourite because it ticks all the right boxes and goes about its business quietly – so whether you want to pop in for a relaxed coffee overlooking the river, or a lively after work pint & ping pong game with friends, this place should be on your list.

Club Häus Bar & Kitchen
Heloise Bay,
Welsh Back,




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