Quick review: Time and Beef, Cardiff

Time and Beef has only been open for a few days and we paid them a visit on a Wednesday evening.


– Nice casual décor, industrial and exposed brick enhances the experience.

– Good cocktail menu.

– Make your own burger, customising is perfect for anyone who likes their burger just so.

– Good choices of buns, meat, toppings and cheese as well as sides.

– Very good tasting burger, stellar sweet potato fries and garlic fries were a revelation.


– Despite being the only paying customers we were largely ignored, though a manager came over to our table to introduce time and beef about 40 mins after we arrived.

– Staff spent a long time chatting to acquaintances and we weren’t asked if we wanted more drinks for over an hour after we initially arrived.

– The deep fried mac n cheese lacked seasoning and cheese flavour.

– Burgers came out late as staff didn’t notice we had finished our starter a while ago, was apologetic and overcompensated with asking us if we wanted drinks three times in a space of half an hour.

– The burger bun which was a demi brioche was very hard and felt stale. It was dry and hard half way through the bun with the bottom being hard as well, we picked it off to eat the otherwise good burger.

– Prices were a little steep for a burger once you’ve added toppings. Things like gherkins should not be charged at £1.00.

– We didn’t receive an itemised receipt but staff made hand written notes which then was hard to figure out the overall price but this could be due to them having only been open a few days.


Overall, while the burger and sides tasted absolutely brilliantly and was probably one of the better tasting burgers I’ve had in Cardiff, the service and the bun quality has let it down.

Even if the bun had been perfect, no customer, especially when they’re the only ones dining should feel invisible.

It’s a shame, however I still urge people to give it a try as it might have been an off day.



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