Review: Vivo Latino Cardiff

Well, Canton has just gotten a bit more fun!

Only the other day I was wandering around in Pontcanna, wishing there was a nice place for some cocktails. Of course there are options, but none that really tickle my fancy.

Cowbridge road East has always been a great destination for foodies and it especially delivers excellently with its asian cuisines.

From delicious dim sums at Happy Gathering, to fantastic Thai food at Bangkok Cafe and of course Kimchi, one of my personal favourites.

But what was definitely missing was a cool joint that do a good cocktail or two.

My prayers have well and truly been answered when Vivo Latino quietly opened its doors a few weeks ago.

vivo latino cardiff

A couple of doors down from Chai St, Vivo Latino bursts with its Latin American charm from decor to food. It has a vibrant yet very relaxed atmosphere, so that casual dining and cocktail drinking is a real joy.

When we arrived mid-week, we easily got a table and had very attentive staff who talked us through some of our options on the drinks menu.

I opted for the Old fashioned, a favourite of mine while my other half went for the Caipirinha.

Both cocktails were delicious and beautiful and it got me excited for some of the other drinks, including the Pisco sours.

Unfortunately they didn’t have a certain spirit delivered to make the cocktail as it’s coming all the way from Chile!

That’s dedication if I ever heard it.

There were so many options on the starter menu but we had to go for the nachos topped with BBQ beef.

It came in a little skillet with homemade tortilla chips generously topped with sour cream, guacamole, salsa, jalapeno, cheese and of course the beef.


They were probably the best nachos I’ve ever had. Rather than just piling everything on top, it was layered, which meant you weren’t left with just plain tortilla chips and no toppings.

The beef was melt-in-your-mouth and we pretty much inhaled the dish within a couple of minutes.

For our main, we went for the mixed grill platter.

It had sausages, ribs, chicken wings and steak as well as a side salad and a grilled corn on the cob. On the side we ordered the spiced potatoes.

mixed grill platter

The meat was succulent, I especially enjoyed the ribs which were covered in a delicious BBQ sauce. The sausages were fat, juicy and fragrant and the chicken wings large, while the corn on the cob was exactly how I like it, charred and smothered in butter.

We were pretty full after this but I still went for the churros, my favourite dessert after a creme brûlée.


It was a bit of a let down for me though. The churros weren’t as puffy as they normally should be and I couldn’t detect any cinnamon sugar on them.

I’m hoping that they might improve in the future and I’m happy to try them again.

Overall, it was a brilliant experience, fantastic cocktails and delicious food. I’m excited to try some of the other dishes. All dishes and drinks are reasonbly priced, so it is definitely a viable mid-week option.

Vivo Latino is a welcome new place and thankfully fills a vibrant, fun-shaped gap in Canton.


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