Review: The Hellenic Eatery Cardiff

My list of Cardiff restaurants to try is longer than my arm. The best thing about pay day though is that I usually treat myself to a new restaurant I have been dying to try.

One such excellent place was The Hellenic Eatery. Now Roath is a real destination for Mediterranean food but I also had great sushi there.

In Germany, Greek restaurants are very common and it’s a place you want to go to when you’re after big portions and delicious meat.

So I was pretty excited to try The Hellenic Eatery a few weeks back and boy was I not disappointed.

The restaurant is not the biggest so booking a table is highly recommended. The food word spreads fast in Cardiff and people flock to good ones in droves.

We chose a selection of starters, hummus of course and some grilled halloumi.

filo pastry feta

Our waitress recommended the filo pastry wrapped slab of feta cheese in a honey, sesame and balsamic vinegar sauce and I am so very glad she did. It was amazing.

Never have I ever felt so much love for feta before. It was crisp, sweet, slightly sour and the feta just melted away. I still dream about this dish…

We also had a Greek salad to keep it “healthy” however it of course came with feta. So fresh and very authentic.

greek salad

For our main we went for the grill platter which was more than generous. Our waitress altered the size of it to make it bigger for us 4 to share.

My personal highlight was the Gyros and the sausages. It also came with chicken, pork kebabs, tzatziki and meat patties. The food was soooo well seasoned and really delicious.

hellenic eatery platter

I enviously looked over to the other tables where I saw the biggest wrap ever. Their souvlaki look huge, well filled with meat and salad and the bread looks thick and delicious.

We were astounded at the prices. The meat was high quality as was the service yet the prices were budget! The best of both worlds in short.

I am dying to go again and tell everyone to pay them a visit. Some nights they even have live music so go and book your tables! I urge you.



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