Review: Bagel Boy, Bristol



I still remember the day Bagel Boy announced that they’d be opening their first proper shop – after sampling their excellent bagels at street food markets across Bristol I was a complete addict.

The shop on St Nicholas Street in the centre is large enough that you can usually find a seat, even though it’s one of the more popular snacking joints in town – they also play excellent music all day long and have a decent stash of local magazines to keep you occupied.

The menu is fairly extensive and split into burgers, deli selections (sliced meats and all that jazz) and general excellent sandwiches including the Finger Boy (fish fingers, mushy peas and tartare sauce) and the Turbo Boy (Roasted butternut squash, feta, salad & hot chilli mayo).

They have their own house beer on tap as well as a regularly changing selection of great beers from Arbor and some very tasty soft drinks too.

There’s a decent choice for vegetarians and vegans, although as you’d expect there’s little in the way of GF options. My only gripe is that I’m not a big fan of their salt beef – it’s a bit limp & thinly sliced for me.

I already think the bagels are already good value for how much you get, but you can get some excellent bargains if you make the most of their lunchtime deal (£5 for a bagel from their classic range, a drink, and crisps or a cookie), the Whole Kaboodle deal (£10 for a bagel, beer, fries and slaw) or check out the latest offers on Wriggle.

Bagel + Burger = Frickin’ Amazing.

My current favourites are the Verde Boy (lamb patty, halloumi, salad and salasa verde) or the Caesar Boy (chicken fillet, bacon, parmesan, salad and a really tasty Caesar dressing), but everyone I know has a different one – so work your way through the menu and see which one you rate the highest!

Bagel Boy
39-41 St Nicholas Street, BS1
213 Gloucester Road, BS7
Bar Humbug, Whiteladies Road, BS8
(Or you can also get their bagels delivered via Deliveroo)



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