Review: Pieminister, Cardiff


Pieminister, like a pirate, is a very Bristol thing.

Unlike a pirate, their pies don’t take other ships hostage, though you could say they are round shaped and a Bristol fashion.

Ok, that’s enough of the nautical jokes now.

The good people at Pieminister had the brilliant idea of opening a restaurant in Cardiff and they invited us to sample their exciting menu.


On a pretty rainy day, Shonette and I went to have our pies in their impressive restaurant in the heart of Cardiff’s city centre.

Warmly welcomed, we perused their menu and did some tactical choices.

By tactical I mean we chose different mains so we can try each others and an array of sides we can both share. We ain’t your average Joes when it comes to food.

I had the fungi chicken (self explanatory), while Shonette opted for the deerstalker, a venison pie with bacon and lentils.


Pie ain’t no pie without some mushy peas… and some sweet potato fries… and some courgette fries… and some crisps to start.

Ahem, it was a reasonable portion choice at the time.

My pie was really delicious, a good amount of chicken chunks and mushrooms all with a nice creamy sauce and crisp pastry. I am actually salivating as I’m writing this.

Judging by how quiet Shonette became when our food arrived, I’d say she enjoyed her pie too.

A quiet meal is always a good sign in Saucy land.

The sweet potato fries were the sort of crispiness you wish you could achieve at home, while the courgette fries were in a lovely tempura-y batter that made me convince myself I was doing something good to my body here.

The pie will come with a choice of gravy and don’t worry, there’s plenty of it and served on the side.


If you fancy a little nibble beforehand, go for the Pieminister motherchips, the dip they come with is moreish and trust me, they won’t last long.

After we finished our dinner, we had a look around the restaurant with its typical industrial style decor with matte dark colours. It makes for quite a stylish place to have your dinner. I especially loved the big cinema style sign.

pieminister wall

It’s a casual, yet impressive place to take someone for a date for sure.

If you don’t like pies, well, this is probably not the first place that you’ll consider but you should check out their menu as they have a range of other dishes including salads and hot pots with no pastry in sight.

I’ll sure be back to try out their other pies and am curious about their lighter pies that have a crumb topping rather than a pastry lid.

It’s a medium price range. You might find it too expensive for a simple pie but the quality of their ingredients and flavour makes it well worth it.

I can see how it has become such a Bristol establishment and foresee it becoming one here too in Cardiff.




35 St Mary Street
CF10 1AD

Disclaimer doodle: This meal was provided free of charge, but we were not asked to write a positive review, or asked to send any copy in advance, or do anything else that would compromise our mega integrity and professionalism*.

*Aside from getting gravy all down my dress. Which is fine.

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