Review: Naked Beer Co.

Naked Beer Co Freudian Slip

Anyone who reads my Twitter or my blog will know that I am a bit of a keener when it comes to beer.

In the past year I’ve broadened my beer horizons, made all the easier by all the brilliant breweries, craft beer bars and real ale pubs we have across Bristol. I even waxed lyrical to Crumbs Magazine about it recently.

Following my chitchat about breweries and all things mashed and hopped, I was asked by new Brighton brewery Naked Beer Co. if I wanted to try some of their beers and see what I thought, so of course I excitedly said yes and proceeded to sit expectantly at my front door until the big box of beery joy arrived.
Naked Beer Co

Naked Beer Co. are an adventurous bunch who want to let their creative spirit run riot with their beers, their motto being ‘Break the rules, challenge the status quo, let your instincts rule‘ – I love this more anarchic style of brewing, with some of my favourite breweries such as Wild Beer Co, Arbor, Siren and Mikkeller doing lots of odd combinations, collaborations and one-offs to test ingredients and flavours to the max.

Head brewer Rob comes with an impressive pedigree, having worked with Bristol Beer Factory – another brewery which is doing some very exciting things with beers at the moment (their special winter beers are about to be launched, as a matter of fact). Both Rob and Naked Beer colleague Dan hail from Bristol, so are quick to state their admiration for our local brewers; “we’re big fans of Bristol breweries, specifically Bristol Beer Factory, Wiper and True and new kids on the block, New Bristol Brewery”.

At the moment there are three beers in their core range, with more beers planned soon. So, on to the tasting!

Streaker (4% ABV)
Described on the Naked Beer site as their ‘fantastic session pale ale’, this is an easygoing, light and citrusy beer. It’s pleasantly sweet too, so it still has enough oomph to carry it on into the frostier months of the year, rather than just being a crisp summer drink.

Indecent Exposure (4.5% ABV)
A tasty and indulgent porter, perfect for this time of year. It was subtly chocolaty and smooth – I could just as happily drink this in a bar as I could wrapped in a blanket on my sofa with a creamy dessert to pair it with. It also looks and smells lovely in the glass – something I’m not known for noticing between enthusiastic sips.

Freudian Slip (6.5% ABV)
Rich and toasty, and also worryingly drinkable for its strength – this bold beer was my favourite, which will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, for it was the strongest ABV on offer. A bit more of a lasting aftertaste to this one, it’s definitely the more syrupy of the three; the fuller flavour won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I thought it was delectable.

There are also a further two winter releases to come this year; a sloe berry Imperial Stout, and a top secret Porter that the guys can’t discuss with us just yet. There are also plans for keg beers in the new year, for the folks that enjoy their beverages with a bit of carbonation.

Dan teased us about yet another new release for us to look forward to: “Rumour has it that if you visit The Beer Emporium on the right day in December, you’ll be able to try out our new and improved re-released Peach Hefeweizen on draught; it’s going to be GOOD!”

Now that the brewery are into the latest stage of their expansion, they can focus on selling more beer into Bristol – they already have established relationships with The Bag of Nails, The Crofter’s Rights, The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer and The Beer Emporium, so keep an eye out for their beers soon!

Naked Beer Co.

Naked Beer Co review

Disclaimer doodle: These beers were provided free of charge, but we were not asked to write a positive review, or asked to send any copy in advance, or do anything else that would compromise our mega integrity and professionalism*.

*I totally did not drink most of the box in one evening. Nope. No siree. (Drink responsibly, kids).


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